Best Laparoscopic Surgeon In PCMC And Pune

laparoscopic surgery

Now a days India is become a science tourist destination. India has world-class health care services many patients visit India for better treatment. For medical treatment, India became an exceptional choice among many other countries.

Health care services in India as well as in Pune are at par with international standards. Many patients have laparoscopy surgery in India then Dr. Sushil Deshmukh is a renowned and well-experienced laparoscopic surgeon in Pune, India.  Compared with western countries price of laparoscopic surgery in Pune, India is 60 to 70% less and with that patients will get treatment with all required facilities.

The olive health center has the latest technologies and health care facilities for laparoscopic surgeries in Pune and PCMC, India. Dr. Sushil is a Laparoscopic Surgeon in Pune, India who has performed laparoscopic surgery for many patients. He has well-trained paramedical and nursing staff to provide complete pre and post-surgery care