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What are the Advantages of Laparoscopic

Surgery that is done with small incisions with the aid of a camera is known as Laparoscopy surgery or laparoscopic surgery or operation. Laparoscopic surgeon does the laparoscopic surgery with small cuts and camera, majorly done for most of the abdominal operations.

Advantages of Laparoscopic Surgery-

  • The risk of bleeding during surgery is reduced. In open surgery large incision (cut) is made & Laparoscopic Surgery incision (Cut) made is so much smaller.
  • It reduces the risk of pain because of a small incision (Cut).
  • It also has less injuries to tissue.
  • In this surgery stitch-line heals quickly cured.
  • The smaller incision (Cut) make a smaller scar after surgery.
  • It has a low rate of infection.
  • Healing is so much faster, most patients receive a same-day or next-day discharge.

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