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Is there a weight restriction for bariatric surgery?

To be eligible for bariatric surgery, you would like to be between 16 and 70 years aged (with some exceptions) and morbidly overweight (weighing a minimum of 100 kilos over your body weight and having a BMI of 40).

Bariatric Surgery is an operation carried out on the stomach or intestines to help an individual with weight problems lose weight. This surgery is also generally known as weight loss surgery. In this weight loss procedure, the surgeon makes your stomach smaller so that the patient can consume or drink smaller portions, which helps in weight loss.

Bariatric surgery is an excellent and effortless procedure to reduce obesity. Bariatric surgery is merely for those whose BMI (Body Mass Index) is quite 35. Bariatric surgery may also be an option if the patient has not been in a position to lose weight or if he/she desires to keep from gaining back any weight loss using methods such as lifestyle therapy or medications. Bariatric surgery is additionally an option if a patient has serious health problems, like sleep apnea, type two diabetes. Bariatric surgery in pcmc is beneficial to patients who can not lose weight by any different means.

Visit by a New Patient
Your surgeon will provide you with a list of the tests required for your evaluation during the new patient visit. This typically entails blood tests, imaging studies, and, occasionally, small interventions like an upper endoscopy to determine whether you’re a strong candidate for surgery. If you live outside the Bay Area, you can conduct these tests at UCSF or with your local doctor.

We’ll also go over the criteria your insurance provider uses to decide whether to cover weight-loss surgery. Before having surgery, many insurance plans demand three to six months of medically supervised weight-loss efforts.

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