Dr.SUSHIL J DESHMUKH is Consultant GENERAL, VARICOSE VEINS SURGEON, and LAPAROSCOPIC SURGEON in Ahmednagar. He has got Fellowship in Minimal Invasive Surgery from AMASI. He has also received training in G.I.Surgery and Minimal Invasive Surgery. Dr. Sushil Deshmukh’s objective is to provide the best treatment possible to the patient.

Dr. Sushil Deshmukh is a renowned laparoscopic surgeon in Ahmednagar. Patients come not only from Pune but also from Ahmednagar. Many Patients from Ahmednagar have treated under Dr. Sushil Deshmukh. Reasonable treatment is given to patients who come from Ahmednagar. City Like  Ahmednagar where treatment like bariatric surgery may not be found. In this case, Dr. Sushil is the best surgeon for bariatric surgery.

Dr. Sushil has many happy patients from Ahmednagar, who came and went back fit and fine by his treatment. Special care is taken for patients far from Pune. A patient can follow a daily routine within  5 days from surgery, and get discharged from the hospital. Special, semi-special, and general packages are available. Undoubtedly you will get the best treatment for diseases like varicose veins, proctologic diseases, hernia, bariatric surgery, etc. Dr. Sushil is a very skilled varicose veins surgeon and laparoscopic surgeon in Ahmednagar.



Dinkar Jhope

Patient from Aurangabad always prefer dr. Sushil for his professionalism. He is available on phone in case of emergencies. Great doctor.

Subhash Dahia

Operation is game of life and death. I highly recommend dr. Sushil for any surgery. He perform surgery with outstanding expertise. I would not get such doctor in Aurangabad.

Madhu Dandage

Very professional and caring surgeon who make me travel from Aurangabad to Pune

Vikas Chande

He is extremely excellent surgeon. I heard his name in Aurangabad, that’s the reason I underwent surgery from him.

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