Dr. SUSHIL J DESHMUKH is Consultant GENERAL, VARICOSE VEINS SURGEON, and LAPAROSCOPIC SURGEON in Nagpur. He has got Fellowship in Minimal Invasive Surgery from AMASI. He has also received training in G.I.Surgery and Minimal Invasive Surgery. Dr. Sushil Deshmukh’s objective is to provide the best treatment possible to the patient.

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Dr. Sushil Deshmukh is a renowned laparoscopic surgeon in Nagpur. Patients come not only from Pune but also from Nagpur. Many Patients from Nagpur have treated under Dr. Sushil Deshmukh. Reasonable treatment is given to patients who come from Nagpur. City Like  Nagpur where treatment like bariatric surgery may not be found. In this case, Dr. Sushil is the best surgeon for bariatric surgery.

Dr. Sushil has many happy patients from Nagpur, who came and went back fit and fine by his treatment. Special care is taken for patients far from Pune. A patient can follow a daily routine within  5 days from surgery, and get discharged from the hospital. Special, semi-special, and general packages are available. Undoubtedly you will get the best treatment for diseases like varicose veins, proctologic diseases, hernia, bariatric surgery, etc. Dr. Sushil is a very skilled varicose veins surgeon and laparoscopic surgeon in Nagpur.


Vinod Bhosale

I had undergo with bariatric surgery. I am from Kolhapur where such surgeries are not common. In such case we should prefer hospital in big city. I consult with dr. Sushil and confirmed his appointment. Operation done successfully. Needed very few follow up.

Krupal Dhami

As a Mumbaikar its hard decision to take treatment out of Mumbai. Now I think I was right. After surgery I could do my work as usual within one month. I appreciate his efforts and confidence.

Meena Kurhade

Nagpur is big city but still if we talk about bariatric surgery, I will recommend dr. Sushil from Pune. My mother did bariatric surgery from dr. Sushil. I find no words to thank. It was great experience.

Vikas Chande

He is extremely excellent surgeon. I heard his name in Aurangabad, that’s the reason I underwent surgery from him.

Soham Vichare

There are many laparoscopic surgeon in Mumbai but I found Dr. Sushil is the best. Everything is well organised. Hospital have all the facility. I have most co-operative and helpful experience from Dr. Sushil

Varsha Joshi

Thanks for support and co-operation from doctor and all staff. The stay in hospital was like home stay. I am happy patient from karad.

Dinkar Jhope

Patient from Aurangabad always prefer dr. Sushil for his professionalism. He is available on phone in case of emergencies. Great doctor.

Vilas Mohite

I am from Karad. After the surgery I could walk without any support. Dr. Sushil’s post-operative guidance was very important.

Mohini Patil

As a patient from karad, I must say that you should go to Pune for bariatric surgery

Nirmal Dastane

I got full support and hospital facility at reasonable charge. I would not get such support and treatment in Ahamadnagar.

S.M. Deoche

Sushil is very supportive throughout OPD until procedure. I will recommend this doctor to all my Satara people.

Ganesh Redekar

Thank you so much Dr. Sushil sir… I extremely happy to get treated by you. Your Skills attract patients like me from other cities like Kolhapur.

Neha Vinchurkar

I am from Sangli. We went to Pune for my fathers treatment. Dr Deshmukh and team provided excellent, gentle and skilled services. We received incredible service and support from doctors clinic and staff. We are happy with the results and would happily recommend Dr Sushil.

Kunal Bedase

I will suggest my friend and knowing person to take treatment from dr. Sushil rather than in Satara. All the staff was so caring. Thank you for your love and care

Kunal Bedase

I will suggest my friend and knowing person to take treatment from dr. Sushil rather than in Satara. All the staff was so caring. Thank you for your love and care

Vandan Ghadge

I have visited so may doctors in Sangali but no Improvement. Then I found Dr. Sushil from Pune. He treated me very well. Now I am enjoying my life without any problem.

Shekhar Khanvilkar

I really appreciate your effort to cure me. I was not getting proper treatment in Sangali, so I shifted in Pune. Doctor operated my left leg. Now I can walk, run and enjoying my life.

Sanjay Desale

I am very satisfied by the treatment. After surgery I am recovered within a month. This would not happen in Sangali.

Subhash Dahia

Operation is game of life and death. I highly recommend dr. Sushil for any surgery. He perform surgery with outstanding expertise. I would not get such doctor in Aurangabad.

Vikrant Girase

Dr.Sushil has given me a new life. Thank god I met this doctor. This would not be possible in Nagpur.

Pavan Ahire

Being a Mumbaikar I was not ready to go to Pune for surgery. But it was great experience. The whole surgical team was co-operative.

Chetan Pingle

My friend suggested me to take treatment from dr. Sushil instead of Nasik. He explained me situation in well manner. He did operation and it was successful.

Amol Samudre

You will not find doctor in Nagpur like dr. Sushil. I am thankful to their medical treatment and whole stay in Pune. Many many thanks and best wishes.

Pankaj Deshpande

I diagnosed with hernia. I wanted to do laparoscopic surgery. There were many doctors in Nasik but I wanted skill one. I operated by dr. Sushil. He handle my case skilfully.

Shyam Kolhe

If you think of laparoscopic surgery its better to do from Dr. Sushil from Pune instead karad. He is expert in laparoscopic surgery.

Dinesh Mahadik

Dr. Sushil helped me to get better. I think my decision was correct to get treatment in Pune instead of Kolhapur. Follow up are limited, so it is very convenient for me to come from Kolhapur.

Amit Dhabe

My decision to leave Ahamadnagar for my treatment, was good. Doctor and his team gave me homely atmosphere in hospital. My recovery was fast under his guidance.

Saurabh Gambhire

It would not possible to do bariatric surgery in Karad. I got information about dr. Sushil. He handle me very carefully and patiently.

Ravindra Shirsath

I would not get such facilities in karad. I have to say that the staff was efficient.

Usha Bhadane

Very well experienced doctor. I would definitely recommend doctor for bariatric surgery in pune

Shaila Tamhankar

Nice doctor to visit when you are down with some problem. I did not get proper treatment in Sangli. I will recommend Dr. Sushil to others also.

Madhu Dandage

Very professional and caring surgeon who make me travel from Aurangabad to Pune

Vishal Patil

I would like to rate Dr. Sushil 10 on 10. He is definitely one of the best Varicose Veins Surgeons in Pune and India

Usha Bhadane

Very well experienced doctor. I would definitely recommend this doctor for Bariatric Surgery in Pune

Sachin patel

Extremely happy with dr. Sushil. Nasik is big city still some surgeries like bariatric surgery should be done in Pune by dr Sushil Deshmukh. I had done bariatric surgery and now I am slim and trim and healthy.

Prasad Rode

I had problem in my leg. I took treatment from two doctors but nothing worked. One of my friend suggested me to go to Dr. Sushil. I travel from Kolhapur to Pune. He diagnosed me it is Varicose Veins. My Operation done under Dr. Sushil Deshmukh. Now I am perfectly alright.

Sakshi Jain

Bariatric surgery is available in Mumbai but I don’t wanted to do experiment on myself. My friend has done the same from dr. Sushil. His experience was good so decided to go to dr. Sushil. I feel very lucy that I met Dr.Sushil. He has done my surgery successfully with no risk.

Sanjay Rajput

Such a great experience about Dr. Sushil….. He is talented doctor and a good human being. I could not find such doctor in Nasik.

Sudip Rathour

In Ahamadnagar I could rarely found varicose veins doctor. So I decided to come to dr.Sushil. Excellent doctor ever!

Jitendra Adgaonkar

Many thanks to dr. Sushil. His excellency make me to travel from Ahamadnagar to Pune.

Vinay Pathare

Sangli is a place where you will get very few laparoscopic surgeon. Dr. Sushil from Pune is the best surgeon for any Laparoscopic operation.

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