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abdominal trauma in pune, pcmc

Acute Abdominal Trauma Intestinal Obstruction

Abdominal Trauma Intestinal obstruction is a blockage of the intestinal content through bowel. The block must be complete and permanent. Obstruction may be mechanical, simple or strangulated, and paralytic.

Intestinal obstruction is significant mechanical impairment or complete arrest of the passage of contents through the intestine due to pathology that causes blockage of the bowel. Symptoms include cramping pain, vomiting, obstipation, and lack of flatus.


  • Nasogastric suction
  • IV fluids
  • IV antibiotics if bowel ischemia suspected

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abdominal trauma in pcmc, pune

Abdominal Trauma in Pune

Abdominal trauma in pune is an injury to the abdomen. Signs and symptoms include abdominal pain, tenderness, rigidity, and bruising of the external abdomen. Complications may include blood loss and infection. Diagnosis may involve ultrasonography, computed tomography, and peritoneal lavage, and treatment may involve surgery.

There are many types of abdominal trauma in pcmc

Blunt trauma: Blunt trauma is the initial trauma, from which develops more specific types such as contusions, abrasions, lacerations, and/or bone fractures. Blunt trauma is contrasted with penetrating trauma, in which an object such as a projectile or knife enters the body.

Penetrating Trauma: Penetrating trauma is an injury that occurs when an object pierces the skin and enters a tissue of the body, creating an open wound. In blunt, or non-penetrating trauma, there may be an impact, but the skin is not necessarily broken.

Chest Trauma: A chest injury, also known as chest trauma, is any form of physical injury to the chest including the ribs, heart and lungs. Chest injuries account for 25% of all deaths from traumatic injury.

Poly Trauma: Polytrauma occurs when a person experiences injuries to multiple body parts and organ systems often, but not always, as a result of blast-related events.

gallbladder surgery in pune, pcmc

Gallbladder surgery In Pune, PCMC

Acute Gallbladder Surgery in Pune

Your gallbladder is a small organ in your upper abdomen. The abdomen is the area in the middle of your body that holds many organs, including the stomach and gallbladder.

symptoms of gallbladder surgery problems

  • Sharp pain in your abdomen,
  • Nausea and vomiting,
  • Indigestion,
  • Fever, and
  • Yellow skin – Jaundice is the medical term for skin and eyes that look yellow. You might get jaundice if gallstones block your bile duct.

Treatment for this disease can be Medications to dissolve gallstones or Surgery to remove the Gallbladder Surgery in pune, pcmc

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Acute Appendix System

Appendicitis happens when your appendix becomes inflamed. It can be acute or chronic.

Appendicitis symptoms

  • pain in your upper abdomen or around your bellybutton
  • pain in the lower right side of your abdomen
  • loss of appetite, indigestion, nausea, vomiting

Appendicitis causes

Many things can potentially block your appendix, including:

  • a buildup of hardened stool
  • enlarged lymphoid follicles
  • intestinal
  • l worms, traumatic injury, tumors
  • veroius blog of truma

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