VenaSeal Closure Treatment

What is VenaSeal Closure System

The VenaSeal Closure System (TM) is a modern procedural treatment to cure the patients suffering from lower limbs veins, also known as Varicose veins.

VenaSeal or  VenaSeal Closure System is the latest innovation in the treatment of varicose veins. It consists of use of medical glue known as VenaSeal or cyanoacrylate to seal the main defective vein.

The VenaSeal™ closure system procedure is designed to reduce patient discomfort, minimize recovery time and is minimally invasive.

Dr. Sushil Deshmukh is one of the very few surgeons in India who have expertise in performing VenaSeal Closure System procedures. For any clarification on VenaSeal closure system procedure or Varicose veins treatment, you can reach out to doctor directly on 099237 47047 or book  ONLINE APPOINTMENT.

More About VenaSeal

VenaSeal is a system medically approved by US government. VenaSeal uses an advanced medical adhesive to safely and effectively close the diseased vein segment within very short span of time. The VenaSeal closure system (VenaSeal system) is used for permanent closure of lower superficial truncal veins. The VenaSeal system is intended for use in adults with clinically suffering from incompetent veins, varicose veins.


It is non-thermal and non-sclerosant and reduced need for compression stocking therapy, which is especially beneficial for patient living in warmer climates.

Top Varicose Veins Surgeon In Pune

Dr Sushil Deshmukh is one of the few doctors in Pune who are expert in VenaSeal Closure system procedure. Feel free to call for more details.

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