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Hernia Mesh – Pros and Cons

Given the great deal of online negative promotional material of mesh – there’s some confusion regarding the pros and cons of mesh in hernia surgery.

1- Overwhelming proof in the field of herniation surgery shows that the utilization of mesh reduces risk of herniation recurrence.

2- While many people have suffered from hernia mesh related complications, millions of people have had excellent results with a mesh implant.

3- There are many different types of mesh on the market. They vary significantly in terms of their chemical composition and shape.

4- Generally (but not always), meshes of a lighter weight and density and meshes that are flat have the lowest incidence of mesh related problems.

5- The technical ability of the operating surgeon may play some role in causing or avoiding mesh related complications.

6- the location of the mesh could also be associated with mesh related complications. Mesh that is implanted inside the abdominal cavity has a potential for complications that is unique. Mesh placed within layers of the abdominal wall has the least risk of complications.

7- A hernia specialist doctor is able to weigh the potential benefits and risks in regard to a particular individual and their hernia.

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