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Laparoscopic surgery in PCMC

In the current time technology is doing miracles everywhere and especially in the medical field. With the help of technology, major surgeries can perform easily with minimum time, especially with negligible pain and with minimum money. Laparoscopy surgery is also one of them.  If you are looking for a laparoscopic surgeon then Dr. Sushil Deshmukh is an experienced laparoscopic surgeon in Pune. He has performed hundreds of laparoscopic surgeries in Pune, PCMC, and India.

He performed both traditional surgeries also laparoscopic surgeries in Pune. But in traditional surgery large incision is made to see and examines the tissue. On the other hand in laparoscopic surgery small incision is made nearly up to 1.5cm long. For a clear view of the abdomen, carbon dioxide is inflated to expand it because of which surgeon can perform laparoscopic surgery effectively. In laparoscopic surgery laparoscopic surgeon gets a clear view of the abdomen. The device which is used for the surgery is known as a laparoscope. laparoscope has a light at the end which gives a clear view of abdomen tissue and the surgeon can examine them easily.

As an experienced laparoscopic surgeon in Pune, he advised that laparoscopic surgery is always the best option over traditional surgery because it is less painful and patients can recover early than traditional surgery.

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