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Best Piles Treatment In Pune

In most cases, the situation of piles treatment can be identified and managed through a general physician. But, if the signs and symptoms are severe, you might also need to consult with a proctologist, a colorectal surgeon, or a gastroenterologist.

Piles surgery, also known as hemorrhoidectomy, is a surgical procedure to remove hemorrhoids, which are swollen and inflamed veins in the anus and rectum. Hemorrhoids can cause discomfort, bleeding, and itching, and may require surgery if they become severe or don’t respond to other treatments.

During the procedure, the patient is usually given general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia to numb the area. The surgeon then makes incisions around the hemorrhoids and removes them. In some cases, the surgeon may use a stapling device to remove the hemorrhoids.

After the surgery, the patient may experience some pain, swelling, and discomfort, which can be managed with pain medications and ice packs. The patient will need to avoid strenuous activity, heavy lifting, and sitting for long periods of time for a few weeks after the surgery.

Piles Treatment In Pune the Piles are also acknowledged as Hemorrhoids, Bawasir, Mulvyadh are enlarged or swollen veins in the rectum and the anal canal contains the enlarged blood vessels in and around the rectum and the anus which is a result of an increased pressure in the anus making the veins wider and overfed with extra blood than usual resulting in overlying tissue and swelling causing piles.

The Symptoms Of Piles:-

  • While defecating blood comes
  • It pains while stool is passing
  • While defecating Mucus discharge happens
  • The itching sensation feels around the anus
  • A painful and tough lump appears in the anus
  • A painful hard lump appears outside the anus
  • Feeling of fullness within the bowels even after passing a stool

The Implications Of Piles:-
If piles treatment doesn’t take place on time then it may further complications with its growth. There are four kinds of piles. Using certain medications first two stages can be treated with the assist of doctors advice. The later 2 stages would want surgeries done to treat it. If piles are untreated then it may additionally cause Fistula, weakness, weight loss, severe constipation, etc.

Treatment Of Piles In Pune
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